the misogyny in technology

Maybe it's cause I was raised by a single mother.

Maybe it's cause I've worked under managers, directors, vice presidents, general managers, and senior vice presidents who happen to be women. Maybe it's cause I've worked with engineers and technologists with advanced degrees who were experts in their fields who happen to be women. Maybe it's cause I know CEOs, CMOs, COOs, and CIOs who happen to be women.

Maybe it's cause I'm secure in my person and don't find anyone else's success as a threat to my own. Maybe it's cause I don't think life is a zero sum game.


  • Walking into a room and telling the first woman you see to get you a cup of coffee IS NOT OK.
  • Drunkenly texting "your room or mine" to the woman CEO of a successful company whose business you can impact IS NOT OK.
  • Rewriting the history of an organization to cut out the women leaders and founders in order to aggrandize the men IS NOT OK.
  • Attempting to put down a woman who has obviously kicked your ass in a technological argument by calling her ___ or ___ IS NOT OK.

I come from a culture that is historically not good to women and I don't seem to have a problem with this.

Mr. Senior _____, Mr. VC, Mr. Distinguished _____, Mr. CxO--what's your excuse?