conservation of lock in

Every hardware, software, runtime, programming language, database, management tool, cloud, etc ad nauseam decision involves lock in. The idea that you can do away with lock in is utterly bogus. All we do is shove it around from one layer to another. 

Every decision comes with a switching cost (even when that switch is an undo). The extent of that cost is your lock in. And ultimately you cannot remove lock in. The total lock in you are under is the cumulative cost of switching every last thing. Or even simpler, changing. This is also the beginning of technical debt. This is also why ultimately things end up getting thrown out and we start from scratch. This is also one reason why composing systems and operations of smaller units of deployment/consumption/operation/failure is useful.

You cannot eliminate lock in. But maybe we can minimize the scope of any given piece of lock in (and change costs).

And any vendor who sells freedom from lock in which does not also include freedom from that vendor ("go ahead, we'll make it easy for you to replace us") is just playing on your failure to accept the simple reality that there is always lock in.

Lock in is conserved. Conservation of lock in.