change the game

In ooda x cloud, I wrote:

More: compressing Orient and Decide, the time between Observation and Action, enables you to change the operative environment such that the adversary is orienting towards and making decisions based on an outdated model representing a reality that no longer exists.

There are physical limits to observation and action. Given equally matched adversaries with access to the same data and tools, both will hit absolute limits to how fast they can observe the environment or act on it.

For orient and decide, no such limits. These are mental processes. Their analogs: algorithms, analytics, patterns, heuristics, models, etc.

If you orient and decide fast enough, then your action will change the competitive environment before the adversary has decided what to do. They will be drawing conclusions and acting on a model of the past, instead of the present. With each iteration, you move further ahead in time. You can literally..

Change the game.